The New

California Signal

"California signal" is showcasing variety of three different options to choose from. It raised the bars higher into a new standard of eyewear. The frame is lighter than ever, the color and designs are exquisite and the hexagon shape has proportional sides making it an amazing work of art. The grand structure of this piece grants you an atmosphere that will make you stand out above all the other rest.

 <dt>Paris Fashion </br>week</dt>

Paris Fashion week
Another fabulous fashion week! The Frency & Mercury booth in Paris was jam-packed with important members of the fashion eyewear industry. The exhibition was a big success. The new collections were introduced and of course it was an absolute divine. So thank you to all who participated and visited our booth for this festivity you've made are our day extremely special.

The New </br>

The New "Ally"

Simple and classic but lavishly designed piece. The screws in the frame are placed in front for design purpose and to give accent for the consumer's facial features. Stylish design, full titanium and detailed temple end. A perfect piece for both male and female consumers. The stylish design of this piece will be a trendsetting.

The new</br>

The new Venus II

Venus is also a heavenly body. The Romans named after the their goddess of beauty. Certain time of the year the planet is visible through the night sky and shines like a beautiful bright star.

Which brings us to this item of great art, the every embodiment of this craft.

Frency and mercury debuts "Venus II".

The second version of "Venus" with a slightly fox shaped rim.

With this accessible shape and a thicker rim, it will compliment everyone's very facial feature.

This piece is our first creation with a crocodile skin design, using a digital embossed print to make a more dramatic effect on your face.

And with other different bold variations of colors that give out intense fierce beauty, you can't go wrong with this piece.

The procedures on making this are the same with our two other collections the sunrise and sunset band.

Be desired, be beautiful, be loved by everyone and shine like a star. Try Venus II now.

Founder/Designer </br>

Frency & Mercury
Founder/Designer Eque.M
"HYPEBEAST" interview

Founder/Designer </br>

Frency & Mercury
Founder/Designer Eque.M
"A Day with Eque.M"
Follow along Eque.M, Founder of Frency & Mercury, takes us through an ordinary day in his life, to see how he gets inspirations, and how turning it into the remarkable Frency & Mercury eyewear.