KALEIDOSCOPE RIM Concept and Product Information
When looking through the scope, the delicate overwhelming light spreads acrossthe landscape. A small world within, colours and light, reflected by mirrors.
Frency & Mercury's new collection takes advantage of the limitless spacesurrounding, and reflects the colour and light through its every piece with its Kaleidoscope like rim. Reflecting the colour and light of your life, Frency & Mercury from it's previous collection to its ever evolving glamorous new collections, brings wonder to your world, that go beyond your imaginations.


This line celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the brand and continues to herald the muses as it insinuates exquisite pillars of Greek temples. It is fused with the inspiration from Japan, being the birthplace for both design and production. This line is to also commemorate 10 years of working in Japan where striving for perfection is part of everyday life. This is shown right from design, all the way to production, to each piece in the hands of the owner. Frency & Mercury is proud to present this line to commemorate its 10th year in a journey that has not end to bring the perfect piece for your perfect facescape.

10th Anniversary Package
Introducing Frency & Mercury 10th Anniversary limited edition box case. Featured is a choice from 3 exquisite Supremacy pieces, accompanied with limited edition matte mirror lens and solid colour lens to suite your taste. Launching a perfume line this year, Frency & Mercury have added a special 10th Anniversary perfume in the limited edition box case El Camino. A gorgeous combination of fruits of flowers and a subtle refreshing spice, it oozes confidence and style. With only a limited number in production, it is not to be missed.